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Average House Values in Oregon Cities

Here we provide a list of the largest cities in Oregon, where you can compare average Oregon home prices, along with population size, for each city.
Home Sales City Population Average House Values
Portland, OR House Values IconPortland home values 538,544 $ 154,900
Salem, OR House Values IconSalem home values 142,914 $ 131,100
Eugene, OR House Values IconEugene home values 142,185 $ 152,000
Grensham, OR House Values IconGrensham home values 95,816 $ 159,700
Beaverton, OR House Values IconBeaverton home values 80,520 $ 189,800
Hillsboro, OR House Values IconHillsboro home values 77,709 $ 165,200
Medford, OR House Values IconMedford home values 66,638 $ 132,400
Bend, OR House Values IconBend home values 59,779 $ 145,500
Springfield, OR House Values IconSpringfield home values 54,773 $ 117,500
Corvallis, OR House Values IconCorvallis home values 50,126 $ 159,600

In Oregon, the rate of homeowners is around 64.3%. Oregon has the Pacific Ocean coast-line to its West. Hazelnuts are a big cash-crop. High tech and Service are major employers in Orgegon. The state tree is the Douglas-Fir.

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